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Monday briefing no 3: 27 February 2017

Dear Colleagues,

Here is today’s Monday Briefing, with latest updates on our relicensing and change journey.

Transition project update

Work on the four workstreams is building.  We now have workstream leads, and these people are:

  • Developing the business model – Emma Roberts and Lars Sundstrum
  • HR and organisational development – Dave Evans and Sian Jones
  • Communications and engagement – Vanesther Rees and Steve West
  • Application process – Deborah Evans and Nathalie Delaney

Eilish Foxen will be spending 2 days a week for 3 months supporting the communications and engagement project workstream using her journalism degree skills.

The Project Group will be meeting each Monday afternoon, and in this way we will be able to ensure that we can share information promptly via the Monday Briefing.

AHSN self-assessment questionnaire

The self-assessment questionnaire was submitted last week.  This was the first part of the application process.  Thanks to everyone who helped with this, especially since NHS England pulled the deadline forward by a day at the last minute!  We await our feedback eagerly!!

HR and organisational development

Senior Executive Team decided last week that we will have a vacancy control process for all job vacancies from now on to ensure that there is a fair approach to vacancies and recruitment.  If a vacancy arises, SET will decide whether or not to recruit to the vacancy.  At the present time, because of the future re-organisation, we will not be recruiting permanent members of staff to protect our own staff.

The flowchart attached shows how we will prioritise different types of recruitment.

Your questions

Continue to use the  Frequently Asked Questions page by emailing Vanesther or, if you’d prefer to remain anonymous, use the box in the office. Or you can use the email box Remember though, if there is anything troubling you, please feel free to have a word with either Deborah or me.

Best wishes