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Monday briefing no 12: 6 June 2017

Deborah has asked that I take over the Monday message slot and update you on items related to the re-licencing process.

There is currently a large amount of active work and discussion amongst the AHSN MDs refining and defining the possible content of the re-licence and the metrics to support it. Recently we have seen a “strawman” which further develops the scope of the licence. This is being discussed amongst the MDs and with Ian Dodge the National Director for Commissioning Strategy at NHSE and once we have a version that is better defined we will be able to share it more widely.

In the meantime SET will keep an eye as these discussions develop and decide when its useful to re-activate the re-licencing work streams.

The timeline we are working towards remains the NHSE Board meeting at end of July for a decision on the content of the re-licence, however this could be impacted upon by the outcome of the General Election and getting Ministers et al to make decisions pre the summer recess.

As ever we will keep you updated as news emerges.

Kind regards

Natasha Swinscoe