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Monday briefing no 1: 13 February 2017

Dear Colleagues,

One of the requests to come out of the away day was for a weekly briefing from me (and from the executive team when I’m away) giving updates on the relicensing process. This will supplement our open call inviting your questions on any aspect of the process, which we will share on our new Frequently Asked Questions page on the website.

We will continue to use our monthly staff meeting for more in depth discussions and the relicensing workstreams will also result in lots of opportunities to contribute and engage with the work and for more formal consultation where appropriate. Our aim is to keep everyone informed and to create a two-way communication process.

Here is this week’s briefing:

  • Thanks to everyone for contributing so fully at the staff away day. It was good to get everyone together at the outset and we now have lots of input to inform the work as it develops.
  • As we agreed at the away day, there will be four workstreams: Developing the Business Model;  HR and Organisational Development; Communications and Engagement; and the Application Process. A parallel work stream for the year will be Delivering the AHSN Business Plan (Business As Usual). We are working up the project briefs for each of these and they will be shared with you as we firm up the arrangements.
  • We talked at the away day about how to develop a new ‘business model’, which reflects the next licence and allows us wriggle room to flex up as we win extra funding.  We will produce a very first draft with options for the Board meeting on 8 March and will share it in advance.  It won’t be about individual posts but will instead focus more on new ways of working. We will ask the Board’s permission to proceed with the work and get their steer on these initial thoughts. The process of developing the model, engaging on it and turning it into a structure will take about four months. There will be opportunity to help shape this and it will continue to change and develop as we go along.
  • NHS England is due to have two more meetings of its relicensing panel before taking a proposal to the NHS England Board in March /April. The timetable is for the Application Process to run from April to June; interview process July to September; announcements from October; with an expectation that all 15 will be relicensed. As our workstreams take shape, we will develop a timetable which has all the key dates from a staff perspective.
  • Communications – Vanesther has been reviewing our internal communications to help us do the best job we can over the coming year. To support relicensing she has set up a password-protected staff section on our website where we can post lots of useful materials, including FAQs. This is at:  and the password is ‘PurpleWombat’.
  • A big item for discussion at our March Board meeting will be the Business Plan for 2017/18 and we are optimistic about a good year as our budget is better than expected (with a reduction of only 5%).

That’s all for now.  I’ll be back with another update next Monday – even if there’s little news to share. If you have any questions for the FAQ page on the website, please email these through to Vanesther or, if you’d prefer to remain anonymous, use the box in the office. Alternatively, feel free to have a word with either Emma or me.

Best wishes