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Safety climate questionnaire instructions

As part of the evaluation and embedding phases of your Human Factors training programme, you can use a safety climate questionnaire in order to carry out a follow-up survey.

The safety climate questionnaire has been adapted from the Royal College of General Practice Patient Safety toolkit and SafeQuest questionnaire developed by NHS Education for Scotland.

Getting started

  1. Agree in the project team who should complete the survey i.e. which team of staff are you surveying. How many people are in the team?
  2. Agree how you will distribute the survey, i.e. by email, hard copy, handed out at team meetings, available in team meeting rooms.
  3. Agree when you will collect survey data between.
  4. Agree who is responsible for collating data received from the survey.
  5. Distribute survey questionnaires.

Completing the survey

  1. Once you have results back, add these to the safety climate results document (tab “data”).
  2. Distribute the output report (tab “report”) to your team.
  3. Review the outcome and actions (sample meeting agenda).
  4. Share a summary of results with all members of the team who have completed it.
  5. Consider repeating the survey after a suitable period of time in order to assess any change.

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